Owner / Driver / Throttles: Skip Gabler

Navigator / Throttles: Keith Churill

Navigator / Driver / Mechanic: Chuck Brodeur

Crew Chief: Susan Churill

Crew: Scott & Mary Gabler, Melissa, Kirsten & Nick Churill, Colin & Suzanne Forbes, Tony Steiner - Team Photographer

Susan, Keith & Skip (Owner)

In North Carolina at the 2000 APBA Nationals

Skip Gabler - residing in Algonac, MI

Occupation: Millwright - Daimler/Chrysler

Hobbies & Recreation: Boating, Hunting, Fishing, Classic Outboard Motor Collecting

Growing up on Lake St. Clair, Skip has always been involved with fast boats. His first involvement was with little outboard hydroplanes as a kid. As the years progressed he got involved with racing the offshore powerboats. With over 25 Years of racing experience he has again proven his abilities with the 2002 World Championship.

Keith Churill - 36 years old - residing in Algonac, MI

Occupation: Aero and Astronautics Tool Designer

Hobbies & Recreation: Scuba Diving, Boating, Hunting, Fishing, Traveling & Great Lakes Maritime History Research.

With his early experiences of Offshore Powerboat Racing on Lake St. Clair in the mid 70's, classic boats like Lil-Rhino, Short Circuit, Bobby Moores Ship On It,  and some of the first catamarans like Wolverine were seen, and heard, fueling-up in front of his childhood home on the Salt River near New Baltimore, Michigan. He has been hooked ever since. Bob Kaiser living a few doors over in the 80's with his ACR Systems just added fuel to the fire in his blood.

He started with racing model RC Offshore Powerboats as a kid and later purchased offshore pleasure craft to play with on the Great Lakes. As part of the Lake St. Clair Offshore Racing Association (L..S.C.O.R.A.), he was involved with the safety end of "Real Offshore" races for many years. When Offshore racing started to make a strong come back in the mid 90's, he became involved with the Blue Water Offshore Racing Association (B.W.O.R.A.). As a board member, he has worked hard with his wife Susan and the rest of the B.W.O.R.A. to make the "St. Clair River Classic" a premier Offshore Race Site in it's eighth year running.

He is also directly involved with the "Great Lakes Silver Cup Series". As a Racer and the Webmaster for the "www.silvercupseries.com" web site, he has been working with everyone involved to help build the series into the "Premier Offshore Racing Circuit" of the United States.

With his racing career he won "Rookie of the Year", has twice been a Great Lakes Silver Cup Series Champion (one un-defeated) and twice an APBA Central Division Champion.  He has also won a 2nd place at APBA National Finals followed by 2nd place and 4th place earnings at APBA World Championships. His career now has an APBA / UIM World Championship title added.

As a married father of three, he really enjoys living his childhood dream and being able to share it with his family. He strongly believes in working to keep the sport of Offshore Powerboat Racing alive, bringing more interest to it by directly involving the younger fan base and working to keep events affordable for entire families to come and enjoy.

Chuck Brodeur - residing in Marine City, MI

Occupation: Retired Repairman - Daimler/Chrysler

Hobbies & Recreation: Boat & Car Restoration

 Racing miniature cars with numerous National Championships throughout his childhood, Chuck gained an interest in stock cars from an involved neighbor. From there he started building and racing Late Models and eventually moved up to NASCAR. There he built cars for and worked as a "Chief Mechanic" for Benny Parson.

Now retired from Chrysler, Chuck owns and operates "Brodeur Marine Service" in Marine City, MI. His involvement with the Short Circuit Racing Team as Chief Mechanic / Navigator / Driver plays a key part in our success.

Susan Churill - 36 years old - residing in Algonac, MI

Occupation: Nurse (L.P.N.)  / Healthcare Administrator

Hobbies & Recreation: Scuba Diving, Boating, Traveling, Great Lakes Maritime History Research & Girl Scout Troop Leader

She became involved with the Blue Water Offshore Racing Association (B.W.O.R.A.) with Keith in 1997 and has worked with coordinating the Race Program, Lodging and Avenue of Vendors along with many other tasks involved with the "St. Clair River Classic". Mother of three, she has fallen in love with the sport and the excitement it brings - especially to her children and the younger spectators.

Like each member of the Short Circuit Race Team Family, she too has an important role. With over five years of racing experience, she operates the tow vehicle and manages our ground crew and equipment at all our races. She is also enthusiastically involved with our Fan and Media based Public Relations and Marketing.

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