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S.S. John W. Brown

Project Liberty Ship

Home Port: Baltimore, Maryland

Type:  World War II cargo vessel

Built:  1942

Engine Type:  Triple Expansion Steam

Cargo Capacity:  8,500 long tons

Length:  441 ' - 6"

Beam: 56' - 10 3/4"

Draft: 27' - 9 1/4"

Top Speed: 11 knots

World War II Liberty Ship Restoration and Maritime Museum

First Liberty Ship Launch in 1941

Rough Seas

SS. John W. Brown, one of the last survivors from the great fleet of over 2,700 Liberty Ships and the "Last Operational Troopship of World War II, was named after a Canadian born labor leader. this ship is proudly operated entirely by volunteers in honor of the Merchant Seamen, Naval Armed Guards and Shipyard Workers of World War II. She is licensed and documented with the U.S. Coast Guard. The liberty ship design was based on British plans (ex Fort Class) modified to conform to American mass production practices. She is powered by a triple expansion steam engine generating 2,500 horsepower. At 76 r.p.m. she can reach a top speed of 11 knots. This magnificent vessel serves as a reminder of the hard work, sacrifice, and patriotism that went into preservation of our nation and the fight to maintain our of freedom. 

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