Photographer: Keith W. Churill   (September 2005)

Photographer: Keith W. Churill   (November 2006)

Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Built :  (1851) 1871 

Construction :  Octagonal brick/Integral

Status : Active, Public Access, Museum

Location : Eagle Harbor

Height : 44 feet

Access : Car, with parking near the Light. Just off M-26.

History: This site was chosen for a light in 1851 when the first Light was constructed. After only 20 years the tower had to be reconstructed in 1871. Later a fog signal in 1895, and home to a lifesaving station were constructed in 1912. 

Adventure Story: During the gales of November of 1926, the crew of this Life Saving Station were put to the test of rescuing the crew of the stranded Thomas Maytham. She had run aground in the blinding sea's 40 miles away from Eagle Harbor near the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. They made the journey through below zero temperatures and towering waves to rescue the 22 men. A decision was then made to return to Eagle Harbor rather then take shelter 6 miles away at the Mendota Light station. They never could explain way they did this, but it would soon turn out to be a lifesaving decision for another group of sailors. On their return trip they ran across the ship Bangor which had also run aground. The crew had made it safely to shore, but were suffering from exposure. After the crew of the Maytham were dropped off at Eagle Harbor, the rescue crew set back out to save the 29 men of the Bangor. All of the men were able to safely make it back to Eagle Harbor. The Bangor was iced in carrying a cargo of 220 new 1927 Chrysler Automobiles. The vehicles were carefully removed from the ship and driven across the ice into Copper Harbor.

Below are a series of digital images showing parts of this incident along with a photograph of one of the actual Chryslers from the wreck on display at the Lighthouse Museum.

Photographer: Unknown (digital images from museum collection)

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photographer: Unknown (digital image from museum collection)


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